To drop a class BEFORE the first day of class:

  1. Log in to your my.NWTC account.
  2. Click on the Academics link in the left side panel. 
  3. Select Class Schedule.
  4. Select the term/semester you would like to view.
  5. At the bottom of your schedule, you will see "Related Links". 
  6. Click on the Drop option to proceed with selecting the course you wish to drop. 
  7. A success message appears once the class has been removed.

Drop a class

Financial Aid Students should check with a Financial Aid Advisor to review the consequences of dropping classes. Your award or anticipated award may be affected.

To drop a class AFTER the first day of class, you will need to follow the Withdraw from a Class process.

Students can officially withdraw from classes before 60% of the class has been completeda Withdraw (W) grade will be posted. 

  • If a student withdraws during the refund period, a refund adjustment may be posted to their account. If a student receives financial aid, veteran’s funding or agency assistance, it is their responsibility to notify the appropriate office to verify potential repayment of funds.
  • If you are a financial aid recipient or receive funding from other sources, please be advised that changes to your enrollment may affect your current and future eligibility. Please contact the Financial Aid Office or your advisor before making any changes to your enrollment.

After the 60% date of the class, no withdrawals are allowed; students will get the grade earned. Students wishing to appeal the grade earned after the 60% date of class must provide documentation of extenuating circumstances. Please read the following policies and procedures below.