The NWTC Payment Plan: How It Works

STEP 1:  Gather information for your payment plan application. 

    • Your NWTC-assigned student ID number and your password to log into your my.NWTC account.
    • Must have a minimum tuition balance of $100.00 for the semester to enroll for the payment plan.
    • $30.00 non-refundable enrollment fee per semester at the time of payment plan enrollment. 
    • Name, address, and e-mail address of the person responsible for making the payments.
    • Bank account information for the responsible person - bank name, telephone number, bank account number, and the bank routing number (most of this information can be found on your personal check).

STEP 2:  Log into my.NWTC (through the Students page).

    • Click on the Student Finance link in the left side panel. 
    • Click on My Financials and log in.
    • Click on the Payment Plan tab.

My Financials link

STEP 3:  At the end of the online application, an online confirmation will be provided informing you that your payment plan request has been submitted.  All future communications on your payment plan will be made through your NWTC email account.         

What's Next?

Once you have signed up for the NWTC Payment Plan, payments will be scheduled from your credit card or bank account on the installment due date. 

What to do after you have signed up for the Payment Plan?  

  • Please monitor your NWTC email account for all communications on your payment plan. 
  • Payments will be scheduled from your credit card or bank account on the installment due dates. 
  • Changes to your enrollment, account balances, or any other funding may adjust your monthly payments. 
  • For any returned payments, there will be a $25.00 charge on your NWTC student account.

For questions, please call (920) 498-6816 or (800) 422-6982, ext. 6816. You can also visit the NWTC Student Financial Services webpage.