The NWTC Bookstore's cash textbook buyback period takes place:

  • Two days at the beginning of each Fall and Spring Semester.
  • Four days at the end of each Fall and Spring Semester (with two days at the end of the Summer semester).

For specific dates and more detailed information, see the NWTC Bookstore Buyback webpage, call the Bookstore at 920-498-5407, or send an email.

If you don't live close to the NWTC Green Bay Campus, you can mail or take your books to one of the Regional Learning Centers prior to buyback. We will sell your books on buyback time and credit your buyback money to your student account.

NEW! Daily Buyback!

Daily Buyback is yet another way the NWTC Bookstore saves you money. How it works:

  • Look for the buyback value column on your booklist
  • Find the daily buyback price
  • Minimal highlighting
  • Minimal ink writing or underlining (less than 3 pages)
  • Absolutely no writing in workbooks
  • No pages missing
  • Complete with all required supplements
  • No liquid / water damage

The buyback credit will be applied to your student account.